Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NFBC Fantasy Baseball Bump from Trade Deadline!

My NFBC fantasy baseball team just got a bump at the trade deadline. Nothing major but with 15 teams per league and 25 man rosters, the player pool in the NFBC is super thin - the cumulative effect should add up to something significant.

Morgan Ensberg – designated for assignment by Houston but reportedly will go to the Twins, he’s been killing us at third base all year and his best baseball is behind him but any increase in playing time will be huge
Luis Castillo – going to the Mets is great, might go from ~20 SB guy to 30-35 SB second baseman, for a 300 hitter that’s real solid
Jarrod Saltalamacchia – (longest last name in MLB history) supposed get a huge bump in playing time going to Texas, the NFBC requires 2 starting catchers so this is a big gain

Fantasy baseball is a total grind this time of year but the bumps in all 3 of these starters should make for a nice push toward the end. We’re definitely out of the $100,000 grand prize but we could score some cash by coming in second or third in our league.

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