Monday, October 29, 2007

Fantasy Baseball Keeper List

Now that the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series it’s time to get serious about next year’s fantasy baseball team. I won one of my fantasy baseball leagues this year (got high of the week in NFBC but fell short otherwise) so I’m pretty well stacked.

Here are the 5 that I’m leaning toward:

Ryan Braun 3B $1
Hunter Pence OF $1
Jose Valverde RP $1
Tim Lincecum (“The Franchise”) SP $1
Yovani Gallardo SP $1

I also have Kelvin Escobar $1, BJ Upton $9, Oliver Perez $1, Joakim Soria $1, and Manny Corpas $1. The Fantasy 411 advised me to keep BJ Upton in lieu of Lincecum or Gallardo but I can’t bring myself to give one of them up and I like the extra $8 on draft day.

1 comment:

Michael said...

I'd keep Tim Lincecum in a heartbeat! He's going to be an ace pitcher real soon!