Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Q&A on Bond's home run ball

I found this question on Yahoo! Answers and thought I came up with a pretty good response - see below.

Q: IRS forcing sale of Bond's homerun ball? - what would prevent the kid from donating it to hall of fame and claiming it as a tax write off, then collecting money from the IRS as charitable contribution.

A: That's a very good question, I think having to pay tax on an baseball like that with no intrinsic value is BS, who's to say what the baseball may or not be worth so to get taxed on memorabilia like that is garbage

So if it's worth 1,000,000 and he sells the ball he probably gets 700,000 after taxes (depending on the tax rate which I have no clue about), if he donates it and wrights it off he'd probably save 300,000 in taxes so he's still better off selling it

I think what he should do is find some hot shot lawyer who's looking to make a name for himself and take the IRS to court over the issues, he could probably find someone to do it for free just for the publicity, if he drags it out in court for a while the hype could increase the value of the baseball substantially - it could be the most famous baseball ever, so then win, loose or draw against the IRS, he might be able to sell it for 2,000,000 and keep 1,400,000! How does that sound?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Display Case Design Help from The

I’ve been a big fan of the WoodWhisperer podcast since I came up with the ideas to design and build the ultimate premium baseball card display case. I emailed Marc with my preliminary design ideas for the case and he was kind enough to take some time and make some recommendations.

“One of my favorite things to do with picture frames is splined miters. It involves cutting a tablesaw kerf through the miter and inserting a thin piece of contrasting wood. Very elegant.”

I’m not entirely sure what that means but Marc knows his stuff so it’s probably something that I’ll want to incorporate into the final display case design once I see some pics.

If you’re into woodworking be sure to check out his site and podcasts –

If you happen upon this and have any design ideas for the ultimate ultra premium extra deluxe baseball card display case – be sure to drop me an email.

Daisuke Matsuzaka Allen and Ginter Rookie Card from Topps

Picked up a few packs of Topps Allen and Ginter baseball cards and landed a Dice K rookie card – pretty sweet. They’re pretty cool cards with lots of nice extras like autographs, you can actually get cards that include the original printing plates that Topps used in production. I saw a few on eBay, they’d probably make really cool display pieces. It looks like it will be a very limited set of cards so they should maintain solid value over time.

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