Saturday, August 16, 2008

BJ Upton – Get Your Act Together

BJ Upton (pictured 2008 Allen and Ginter Ripped baseball card) is killing my fantasy baseball team. He was benched last week for failing to run out a ground ball and after saying all the right things about the incident he pulled the same thing last night. Upton was pulled immediately and will sit today. The Rays are in the playoff hunt and if that’s not enough to motivate him to keep his head on straight then I have no illusions that screwing up my fantasy baseball season is of no concern – though it bugs me!

Upton was one of my 5 keepers headed into this season and as the defending champ I felt pretty good heading into the 2008 baseball season. This week marks the start of a 3 game set for our league’s first round and I’m having a horrendous week and BJ Upton’s antics are the cherry on top.

Although Upton’s power and average are down this year he’s on pace for almost 50 stolen bases. Upton turns a mere 24 later this month and already has over 1,200+ major league at bats under his belt. If he can put it all together and keep his head on straight I see BJ Upton as a perennial 30/40 guy – so from a fantasy baseball perspective I still say “buy” on Upton at your 2009 fantasy baseball draft.

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