Monday, November 26, 2007

Baseball Card Storage Tips – Part 2 of 4, Toploaders

Another key piece of gear for protecting your baseball cards are toploaders. Ultra Pro premium toploaders seem to have one of the best reputations and are relatively inexpensive. Toploaders prevent creasing, bending and corner ware. I try to pull key cards as soon as I find them and get them into toploaders to prevent warping that can occur in storage. The use of protective sleeves and toploaders allows you to view and display your baseball cards at any time without having to worry damaging them. The Ultra Pro toploaders are 3”x4” and fit all standard size cards, they do however leave a lot of room for movement with T206 cards and some of the newer cards (such as Allen and Ginter released by Topps) that are of similar size. Also, with many baseball cards containing game used memorabilia you may need to get thicker toploaders that allow for the added thickness of these specialty baseball cards.

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