Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Pair of Tolstoi T206s, Christmas Loot Breakdown

I won these 2 T206 baseball cards on eBay for under $100. I think that’s a great deal because I’ve paid as much for T206s with more common backs like Piedmont or Sweet Caporal. One report that I read estimates that common backs have an estimated population of 100-300 specimens so maybe Tolstois are something like 50-100. Even though they’re common players, Jake Pfeister and Rube Oldring, they’re probably worth sending to PSA in the future for grading. I still have to put the cards under the loop but initially they look like locks for a PSA 3 with a solid shot at a 4. The cards have corner rounding but it’s not too bad, the color looks great, minimal surface ware and no creasing. The cards are also well centered. I only have 1 Tolstoi before these two so this is a great addition to my collection of T206 baseball cards.

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Joey said...

Nice cards. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal.