Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Minor League Fantasy Baseball Prospects from Heater Magazine

Here are some big time fantasy baseball players to watch that I picked out of Heater Magazine:

Chris Davis, 1B, Tex – the move of Blalock to first base blocks him but he just got promoted to AAA, features high average and 30+ HR power

Chase Headley, OF/3B, SD – should get called any day now, has rebounded from slow start, I think he could immediately hit 285 with 25-30 HR type power, given SDs weak offense he should bat high in the order giving him tons of run and RBI opportunities

Colby Rasmus, OF, Stl – has struggled to adjust to AAA but is finally heating up, may be down for a month or 2 but his early struggles mean buy low, might not have a big impact until next year but I think the price is right

David Price, SP, TB – (featured left in Bowman Gold rookie baseball card) sort of like the Colby Rasmus of pitchers, minor arm issues set him back a couple of month, he should rise quickly and could help in a stretch run, he’s an elite prospect and very polished pitcher, for all of the Kershaw hype I think Price will be the better big league pitcher late this year and through all of next – and again the price is right

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