Monday, June 2, 2008

Woodworking Help with Baseball Card Display Case Project

Earlier this year my baseball card display case project hit a big snag. After reaching out to several dozen woodworkers with my plans for the display case I hit nothing but dead ends. I think there were two problems. First, I need someone to really hold my hand with the design for the display case – it needs to be a high-end piece of furniture and have a marketable classy looking design. Second, there needs to be some thought put into the production costs for multiple quantities – I need to be able to purchase in bulk and make profit on the markup.

I ran into an antique dealer at my mother-in-laws while we were there for a visit (solutions to life’s problems can come from the darndest places). I explained what I was trying to do with launching my baseball card display case business and she directed me to This is the home of the VWMA, Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association. Apparently this is the hot bed for woodworking and design services on the east coast. After spending a lot of time digging through the site I think I’ve found a potential partner – more updates to come!

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