Monday, June 23, 2008

Andy Sonnanstine Can Rebound in 2 Start Week

Andy Sonnanstine (left in this 2007 Topps 1952 rookie baseball card) has been a bit of a disappointment from a fantasy standpoint but I look for him to improve as we approach the second half of the fantasy baseball season. Despite his struggles he’s still only on pace for 34 walks and he is maintaining a nearly 4 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio which suggests some solid underlying baseball skills – not to mention 17 wins for the Rays.

Sonnanstine maintained a WHIP of almost 1.00 flat in over 250 AAA and AA innings the past 2 seasons so achieving a solid WHIP at the major league level is possible sooner rather than later. His strikeout rate is down a little bit this year and a lot from his minor league record which could be part of the problem. He’s not a lock but if you can get him on the cheap I think Andy Sonnanstine has some nice upside and a 2 start week this week is a nice place to start.

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