Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad News Bears – All Time Great Baseball Movie

This is a post I’ve been saving for a while. The Bad News Bears is one of the best baseball, if not sports, movies of all time. In fact in my list this baseball classic ranks only behind Rocky as the greatest sports movie of all time.

Not only is it a funny story but there’s ample drama as the characters try to cope with very real problems. At the heart of the movie Walter Matthau turns in a brilliant performance as Buttermaker, an alcoholic self described broken down ballplayer. He plays opposite Tatum O’Neal in the biggest earning children’s role of the time. As Buttermaker’s estranged girl friend’s daughter, O’Neal delivers a spirited performance in her own right as the two try to reconcile their relationship and win a championship.

If you’ve gone nearly 30 years without watching the Bad News Bears go buy a copy or rent one today – it’s even better than I remembered it. My oldest daughter and I love to watch it together. She’s too young to get some of the off color material but enjoys watching the kids running around playing baseball.

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