Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jair Jurrjens Solid Fantasy Baseball Pitcher on the Rise

Little was know about the Atlanta Braves pitcher from Curacao, Jair Jurrjens (left in this Topps 2008 Gold paralel baseball card), heading into the 2008 season but he's quickly establishing himself as a solid fantasy baseball starting pitcher. I had Jurrjens on my short list of about 30 fantasy baseball sleepers headed into this year due to last year's performance. In 110+ innings in AA last year in the minor leagues Jurrjens posted a low 3 ERA and a mid-1.2 WHIP - not pacing for a Cy Young but competent, worse have been called up and got the job done in the major leagues.

What sold me on Jair Jurrjens was his 30 innings of work in the AL central last year with the Detroit Tigers. Even though it was only 30 innings, he only had 13 Ks and posted a high 4 ERA, the 1.16 WHIP turned my head. Yes, that one outlier combined with a competant minor league resume told me this could be an effective fantasy baseball pitcher as early as this year. Throw in the move to the Atlanta Braves pitcher friendly park and a starting gig in spring training you have the ingrediants for a nice end game fantasy baseball sleeper.

We scooped him up in the 24th round of the NFBC but despite his solid start I failed to make room for him in my 10 team beer league. I've been kicking myself ever since as Jurrjens has posted a 3 ERA, 1.3 WHIP and on pace for 16 wins and 140Ks.

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