Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tru Vue Museum Glass Looks Good for Vintage Baseball Card Display Case

I reached out to Tru Vue for some samples of their museum glass for use in the development of my vintage baseball card display case prototype. They responded with a sample pack that included three different types of UV protective glass.

• Conservation Reflection Control – really diffuses light and eliminates reflection, it will tend to blur fine details
• Conservation Clear – has a crystal clear appearance
• Museum Glass – similar to Conservation Clear but also has a glare reduction coating

According to Tru Vue’s website here are the top 5 reasons to use Museum Glass
• Enhances the true color of your art
• Truly looks invisible
• See every detail of your art, no matter how fine
• Helps protect your artwork from fading for generations
• Blocks 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV rays

All 3 of the types of glass provide 99% UV protection so it really a matter of which displays best for a particular piece of art work – or in this case baseball cards. I think the museum glass offers the best overall clarity which is important with vintage baseball cards. Due to the age of my T206s I think it’s important to maximize clarity due to the imperfections and existing wear and tear on the cards – lots of details to ogle over.

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