Friday, June 6, 2008

Jack Cust – Fantasy Baseball Masher on the Cheap

I actually drafted Jack Cust (pictured in the baseball card at left, 2008 Upper Deck Gold Parallel) in the 18th round in the NFBC but also added him in my beer league. He cost $1 and since we enforce a cap throughout the year and I needed a masher to fill in for Matt Holiday it’s a perfect fit.

My friends at Heater fantasy baseball magazine tend to agree as he was profiled in this week’s edition. They say now is a nice buy opportunity as his K rate has decreased slightly to go along with a high hit rate. His HR to fly ball rate has dropped from 32% last year to 25% but that’s still a ton of power.

I view Jack Cust as a poor man’s Adam Dunn. After a horrific April he has 8 HR in 105 ABs (roughly 45 HR pace) and is hitting .295 with 17 RBI and 19 runs. Those are Dunn numbers with BA to spare. He still looses ABs to lefties but should crack 450 ABs which should be enough for 25-30 HRs.

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