Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bartolo Colon Could be for Real, says Heater Fantasy Baseball Magazine

I have to admit I had no interest in Bartolo Colon from a fantasy baseball perspective. A weakness of mine is that I tend to favor younger guys with upside (e.g. Jair Jurrjens, Andy Sonnanstine, John Danks, etc.), unfortunately this tendency tends to bite me in the butt at least a couple of times per season and Bartolo Colon’s performance is taking a nice chomp.

According to online fantasy baseball magazine, Heater, Bartolo Colon might be “for real”. I use the quotes to emphases that their in depth piece on Colon doesn’t call for a return to his Cy Young days of 2005 but there is hope that he can eat some innings and consistently pick up some wins for a contender like the Red Sox. Here’s why:
• Colon’s four-seam fast ball is averaging 93.7, and two-seamer 91.5
• 22 Ks against 7 walks in 29 innings – better than 3 to 1 ration
• check out the chart above, all four of his pitches have great movement

At this point if you have Bartolo Colon on your fantasy baseball roster congrats, if you don’t I wouldn’t break the bank to get him. If you need pitching help you might be able to find someone in your league that’s will to trade high on Colon and if it doesn’t cost anything too meaningful it looks like a smart move.

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