Thursday, June 19, 2008

Johan Santana Topps Co-Signers Baseball Card

So I got sucked in to buying a pack of baseball cards when I was at the mall for lunch. I decided to pony up for a pack of Topps Co-Signers because I’m a total sucker for the shot to score an autograph and they claim 3 autos per box.

Although I didn’t get an auto, I did get a Johan Santana Mets card which, outside of rookie cards, would have to be my first choice this year. Overall it’s a nice enough set of baseball cards and I do like the feel of the mat finish on the back. I think the key is to save my money and just buy an autographed card off eBay – when will I learn.

Be smart and buy your Johan Santana autographed baseball card on eBay!

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