Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kev Hute Eyes Roy Halladay as 2 Start Fantasy Baseball Pitcher for Week of June 30th

Two Start Pitchers: One Dart to the Wire

As H2H Fantasy Baseball leagues continually become more popular on sites like cbssportsline.com, and fanball.com, people are starting to grasp the complex strategy involved in managing a playoff push. Nabbing the key 2-start pitchers can be the difference between fantasy stardom, and a losing disaster. They have twice as many chances to accumulate points. In my opinion, you should want the most likely guys to score a 50-point week on your roster in the playoffs. Owning the key 2-start pitchers come playoff time remains many fantasy leaguers’ top strategy.

Many would agree that trading for Brandon Webb right now would be a good idea. Also, Jake Peavy, Johan Santana, Scott Kazmir, and John Lackey are all good buy-low candidates for those who take this approach.

Currently cbssportsline.com doesn’t post two-start pitcher information for the majority of their fantasy readers until late Monday night (at the very earliest,) however many fantasy veterans have a demand for this information sooner. For it’s these students of the game who give 170%- and those who give 170% deserve to know sooner than that.

I realize the average fantasy participant doesn’t manage their team every day. The majority of them probably kick back until at least Wednesday or Thursday before they even think about their weekly baseball line-ups. This is because people are busy, and your time is valuable, and I understand that. But knowing about 2-Start pitchers is very valuable too.

If I told you that Roy Halladay is pitching next Monday, June 30th at Seattle against R.A. Dickey, you would probably want to know this information by Sunday June 22nd, so you find out immediately which 2-start pitchers to pick up on Monday June 23rd when the line-ups lock. You are going to want this information in advance in order to prepare correctly.

Though there are many strategies to take note of in maintaining Head to Head League excellence. Picking up quality 2-start pitchers is essential to succeed. Solid, inning eating, and strike zone saavy pitchers, can post a 50- point week at any given time.

By: Kevin Hute

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