Friday, June 13, 2008

New Wiki Dedicated to the Preservation and Display of Vintage Baseball Cards

As part of my baseball card display case project I was looking to rewrite and greatly expand the Display and Storage tips section of In order to position the display cases optimally I think it’s important to establish a great deal of credibility and thought leadership around the best technique to store vintage baseball cards like T206s and how best to display them while protecting the cards at the same time.

Rather than try to learn everything there is to know about display and preservation I’ve decided that a wiki could be the best solution – hence Safe at Home, is born. At this point I’ve done nothing other than register that clever pun of a name and develop a description of the site – “Preservation and display techniques for your vintage baseball cards and other valuable collectibles.”

My goal is to create a structure and starter content over the next month or two and then reach out directly to some experts to see if they’d like to contribute. I’d really like this to become the authoritative wiki and forum on the best ways to safely display and store valuable baseball cards. If you’re like me you’d rather show off your baseball cards than keep them in a shoe box.

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