Wednesday, June 4, 2008

History Shots - Poster Showcases Four Generations of Major League Baseball Ballparks

Knowing that I am a major baseball geek a friend of mine sent me a link to Major League Ballparks Four Generations at History Shots. The poster covers the 4 primary areas of ballpark development:

  • Pre-Classic 1870-1900s
  • Classic 1900s-1950s - Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park
  • Modern 1950s-1990s - Shea Stadium and Veteran's Stadium
  • Retro 1990s-Present - Camden Yards and the new Mets Stadium, Citi Field
What's particularly cool is the bar chart at the top that shows the name and type of stadium associated with each city. It's tough to see in this image but the site has a zoom feature which really brings out the detail.

As a baseball fanatic this is definitely on my wish list. It's suitable for framing and be sure to use conservation quality museum glass for maximum preservation.

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