Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heater Fantasy Baseball Magazine Says – Curt Schilling Headed to the Hall of Fame

This past weekend Curt Schilling (featured in this 1989 Donruss rookie baseball card) announced that he will be undergoing likely career ending shoulder surgery, thus bringing to an end one of the great modern day baseball careers and a fantasy baseball all-time great. Heater magazine decided to breakdown Schilling’s career and start the Hall of Fame discussion.

Let’s look at some of the obvious numbers – Curt Schilling was 2nd in Cy Young three times, topped 300 strikeouts in a season 3 times and posted 3 20+ win seasons, and 216 career wins – pretty dominant. The post season is where Schilling really separates himself with a 10-2 record over 19 starts and a 2.23 ERA. Additionally, all though 1999 wasn’t his best season in Philadelphia he did help me to win my first head to head fantasy baseball championship.

If this was the fantasy baseball hall of fame I think Schilling is a total no-brainer as one of the 5 best pitchers of the last 20 years. Also, let’s keep in mind that his gaudy numbers where achieved through the height of the “steroid era” in Major League Baseball. Heater magazine took it a step further and applied some funky math to determine the value of Schilling’s post season dominance and determined it to be equivalent in value to 50 extra wins in the regular season. In my book 200+ wins is a Hall of Fame career and by applying this math Curt Schilling breezes into the Hall of Fame with 266 wins!

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