Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PayPerPost – New Revenue Opportunity for Baseball and Other Blogs

PayPerPost is an interesting blog monetization and emarketing platform that I came across a few weeks ago. As Bloop Single approaches its one year anniversary I’ve been looking for ways to grow my online presence by increasing my share of voice in the baseball related blogosphere. I’d like to increase quality baseball card and fantasy baseball related traffic and at the same time add more monetization opportunities where appropriate – after all, Bloop Single is part emarketing experiment.

PayPerPost is a site that connects bloggers to advertisers. Basically you submit your blog and if accepted you can scan a list of available blogging opportunities that relate to your blog’s content. If it makes sense you can write and submit a post – making you officially a “postie”. Bloggers can earn anywhere from $5 to over $100. Baseball specific topics are inherently very niche but I did just miss an opportunity to blog about Hall of Fame baseball player Dave Winfield.

On the advertising side there are great opportunities with PayPerPost as well. As my premium baseball card display case project moves forward I need economical and highly targeted was to promote and this is definitely something I want to try out. Advertisers simply write up their requirements, determine how much they’re willing to pay and how many posts they want and then submit for the “posties” to select from.

As an emarketing professional I think PayPerPost has a lot of potential for bloggers and advertisers alike, visit their site at

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