Thursday, February 21, 2008

Head to Head v Roto Fantasy Baseball

One of my fantasy baseball leagues in embroiled in debate right now to switch from a head to head format to roto. In my opinion head to head is way more fun for 2 reasons – every Saturday and Sunday throughout the baseball season is exciting as the week wraps up and it’s much more personal with one opponent each week. The argument for a more traditional rotisserie format is that it’s more fair. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the NFBC which is roto format, but what really is fair? Wouldn’t it have been fair to give the Patriots the Super Bowl title because they had the better team all year???

Bottom line in the debate of fantasy baseball formats is this – I like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Roto v H2H are both valid formats and fun for different reasons. I’m just a little tired of the elitist attitude by the roto proponents that it’s a superior format, it’s not – try and make that case to the New York Giants!


Fadds said...

100% agree with you on that one. I've done both roto and H2H points leagues for the past 10 years and find both to be competative. To be honest it's all in the way the league is set up... once you find a way to exploit a H2H points league it can result in more wins... but what's the difference between that and the whole "closer" strategy inherent within every roto league. Strategy is as strategy does... and there's really no reason for elitist views from one style of fantasy to the next...

Chris said...

Excellent Entry!!!