Saturday, February 9, 2008

Johan Santana Jersey with Cool Base, Let the Celebrations Begin

I don’t think I’ve been this excited as a Mets fan since Strawberry got called up. We Mets fans are real baseball fans – because we suffer. I took last year’s melt down in stride, it happens. Some of my fellow Met fans are being cautious with their emotions toward the Johan Santana signing. This isn’t George Foster, this isn’t Mo Vaughn, this isn’t Frank Viola. This is the best pitcher in baseball by far in his prime locked up for 7 years. Johan Santana instantly makes the Mets the best team in the NL and is the perfect panacea for years of suffering and disappointment.

To celebrate I scored this Johan Santana All Star Jersey on the cheap on eBay – check out Jadgang’s store. So what if it’s got a Twins logo on it – just proves I’m an “old school” Santana fan. Since it’s orange, it still goes great at Mets games. Plus I’m hooked on the Cool Base jerseys, don’t know how I’ve survived without the whisking technology.

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Jerry said...

my new favorite blog! can I see a posting for your all-time favorite met team by position?