Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Kid Elberfeld T206 with Polar Bear Back

I recently landed a Kid Elberfeld T206 with a Polar Bear back. It ran almost $50 but is in pretty good shape. The corners show significant rounding however there are no major creases, the color is good and the card is well centered. Plus there's always a slight bump for Polar Bear backs - the T206 Museum's Pricing Formula has Polar Bear's going for a 30% premium.

This T206 is from when Elberfeld was on the Washington Senators. The "Tabasco Kid" was know for his fiery temper and tough play at short stop. He was a career 271 hitter with 213 stolen bases. As further testament to his toughness Kid Elberfeld lead the league in number of times hit by a pitch twice, owned the single season record up until 1986 and is still 13th on the all time list.

You can find T206 baseball cards with Polar Bear backs on eBay!

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