Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baseball Card Printing Plate, Baseball Memorabilia - Part 9 of 10

Many baseball card manufactures today issues special insert cards that contain the printing plates from the actual cards in the set. While it's cool to own your favorite players baseball card, how about owning the printing plate that produced all of the cards! Check out the 2009 Topps black plate for Evan Longoria.

Printing plate card inserts are typically very pricy for the more elite players, however the routinely go for less that $10 on eBay for common players. So you could cheaply add some lesser known insert cards of players from your favorite team to you collection.

This is a relatively new trend so from a long-term collectible standpoint it's tough to tell what their value will be over time. Since they're all essentially 1 of 1 for each of the colors (black, cyan, magenta and yellow) the scarcity should help them to maintain a lot of value as a baseball collectable.

You can score your own printing plate insert baseball card on eBay!

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