Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alex Rodriquez Game Used Bat - Baseball Memorabilia - Part 4 of 10

This autographed Alex Rodriguez game used bat comes from his 520th career home run which he hit off of Hideo Nomo. It's asking price is well into the 5 figures on eBay but there are many options for collectors that want to add games used bats to their memorabilia collection.

Aside from the Alex Rodriguez piece I found several other games used bats from other notable ballplayers like Dave Parker and Dave Winfield. It looks like many of these players from the 70s and 80s are going for a relative discount.

Baseball card manufacturers like Topps and Upper Deck routinely include cards with pieces of game used bats as well. The pricing of these cards will vary based on the print run and who the player is. Some of the least expensive baseball cards with game used bats will go for only a few dollars with rarities going for hundreds and even thousands.

Enjoy a piece of history by adding a game used bat to your baseball memorabilia collection - find them now on eBay!

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