Saturday, January 3, 2009

Super Mario Sluggers is a Great Baseball Game for the Wii

My family got a Wii this Christmas from Visa Clause and Super Mario Sluggers is a blast if you're looking for a baseball video game.

The basic plan is to go through different baseball stadiums that Bowser's army has taken over and unlock secrets, chase out the bad guys and sign up new players for your all star baseball team. You'll need to pass a special baseball challenge at each interaction but these focus on helping you to develop your in game skills. So the video game has a great built in way to help you work up the learning curve.

The arcade feel and special moves in the actual games make it a blast. Players have special moves like Donkey Kong climbing the outfield walls and special pitches like Luigi's tornado ball. Many baseball purists that are more accustomed to EA Sports type baseball games won't care for Mario's take on America's pass time. I think it depends what people want in sports games, realism or entertainment - I prefer the later.

Aside from the campaign mode and the individual baseball games you can play at any time, there are loads of extras. There are tons of mini games, practice modes and a toy stadium game.

You can find a copy of Super Mario Sluggers on eBay by clicking here!

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