Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Baseball Approaches

Some quick updates on Bloop Single as the 2009 baseball season approaches.

First, no new T206 baseball cards lately - due primarily to lack of winning my fantasy baseball and football leagues this year - bummer.

Second, I had started to log eBay results for T206 rare backed cards - American Beauty, Hindu, Cycle, etc. I found it to be a significant amount of work for the value that it was providing to Bloop Single's audience. I still think it's neat to track over time so I'll probably just report on the super rare backs from time to time - Drum, Broad Leaf, Carolina Brights, and Lenox.

I plan on doing 3 fantasy baseball leagues this year - my beer league for the 12th straight year, the NFBC for my third year, and a satellite NFBC league with a $125 buy in. Start looking for player updates and fantasy baseball analysis soon!

I will also continue to do work on my website and wiki Safe at Home - I have a lot of great content for Safe at Home and think it will really add a lot of value. Safe at Home's focus is on how best to safely display vintage and valuable baseball cards like T206s.

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