Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Girl’s Guide to Sports – ‘Girly’ Sports Take

I friend of mine created a new site, The Girl’s Guide to Sports. The basic premise is to give female type people enough sports background info to be moderately fluent and therefore able to communicate with men (presumably husbands and boyfriends but this could clearly extend to the workplace and other areas). I think general coping skills are also discussed.

Check out her post on the baseball playoffs - Now that the MLB Playoffs Have Started, I Only Have a Few Weeks Until They’re Over….

Yeah, that’s some sass.

Pictured above is Ila Borders rearing back with a two seam heater. She’s credited with being the first woman to win a professional men’s baseball game - just an FYI that tied in.

If you’re a woman and looking to get more into sports and/or are looking for ways to get your man’s attention – check out eBay, they have women’s jersey’s for baseball and every team sport!

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sportsgirl said...

Thanks for the shout out on your blog! I am sure that you are enjoying the World Series right now...I have to admit, baseball is alot more fun during the playoffs!