Friday, October 10, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Wrap for 2008

I do 2 fantasy baseball leagues every year, the NFBC and a ‘beer’ league on Sportsline with some friends of mine, click here for my post about my auction draft and if you’d like a laugh here is Part 1 NFBC Draft Results, Part 2 NFBC Draft Results, Part 3 NFBC Draft Results, and Part 4 NFBC Draft Results. Here are the results and some highs and lows.

I came in 3rd in my Sportsline league, so I got paid a little. In a daring move I traded Tim Lincecum for Ryan Howard at the trade deadline to bump up my offense. I got swept in the first round however. My league plays best of 3 and in the championship week my breakdown was a perfect 18-0, just missed it.

I think my best pickups were Alexei Ramirez (pictured Upper Deck rookie baseball card) and Kevin Slowey. At $1 I’ll probably keep both for next year. I really think Slowey will put together more consistency and is on the verge of being a top 20 pitcher. Alexei Ramirez is older and from Cuba so he’s more of a finished product. Looks to me like a 300 BA, 20/20 middle infielder. Since he’s a little older I don’t anticipate a sophomore slump – should be a solid gold fantasy baseball player.

We came in 9th in the NFBC, but finished above average overall at 160 out of 390 teams in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship. Our pitching was dominant, top 5 out of 390 up through early September – led by Johan Santana and Brandon Webb and Brad Lidge and “Good Vibrations” Brian Wilson in the pen. Just could not string an offense together.

Josh Field was a bust. Wladimir Balentine never panned out and I thought he was a nice bet for rookie of the year. I’d keep an eye on him next year if he can cut down his Ks, but I’m not drafting him until I see something. Don’t get me started on JR Towels. One of these years we’ll put it all together and get our $100,000.

Time to get on the bandwagon and score an Alexei Ramirez baseball card on eBay!

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