Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Great Fantasy Debate is on in 2009!

The Fantasy Pros 911 has an awesome contest for aspiring fantasy baseball writers (and presumably half-witted fantasy baseball blogs like myself). The Great Fantasy Debate will be a weekly head to head blogging/writing contest between a 'league' of 12 contestants. The winner gets to be part of the writing staff in 2010.

The 12 bloggers get divided into 2 divisions and will compete head to head against a different writer each week. The editors of Fantasy Pros 911 will be a new topic each week with the 'home' team taking the pro side and the 'away' team will take con. The weekly winner will be based on page views, positive comments and the editors grading.

I think this is an excellent blog marketing idea and given the fantasy baseball slant I've already sent in my application. It's a creative way for the Fantasy Pros 911 to generate content for their site, create some additional stickiness, and get some grass roots promotion for their blog - presumably The Great Fantasy Debate contestants will want to promote their blog post on their favorite social media sites. Wish me luck!

Get the 2009 Minor League Baseball Analyst today on!

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Jason said...

Hey good luck bro, I'll be watching.