Sunday, January 11, 2009

T206 Baseball Card Pricing Formula

Valuing T206 baseball cards is a fairly complex mater. Aside from the vast condition and grading systems the numerous backs and Hall of Famers add up to three complex variables when estimating the price of these vintage baseball cards.

The T206 Museum has a T206 Baseball Card Pricing Formula that is pretty helpful. I use it as a guide when I'm thinking of bidding on a card in eBay. Simply take the base price base on the player and then apply the two multipliers for condition and back.

Let's say I have a Walter Johnson T206 portrait that is PSA 4 with a Tolstoi back. That would be $300 base price for the Big Train, PSA 4 yields x2 and Tolstoi would be x1.3 for a Hall of Famer - 300x2x1.3=$780 and I'd be very happy to have that card in my collection!

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