Saturday, February 7, 2009

Game Used Baseball Jerseys, Baseball Memorabilia - Part 7 of 10

Game used baseball jerseys are a great collectible and fairly accessible way to own part of the game. Most baseball card sets will include limited run baseball cards with pieces of game used jerseys in them. eBay is positively littered with these cards. Alternatively, whole jerseys suitable for framing or wearing are readily available on eBay.

In my search for game used baseball jerseys on eBay I was unable to find any big name stars. I did come across this vintage Cubs jersey from 1947. Can't say I'm familiar with #17 Jess Dobernic but I'm sure most Cubs fans are.

There were also a number of game used jerseys available from lesser known players and teams. There was a Cubs Mark DeRosa jersey and many from the Oakland athletics. If you have a specific jersey in mind it may require some patience.

Own part of the game with a game used baseball jersey from eBay!

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