Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Auction Fantasy Baseball Draft Results - Part 1 of 2

My auction fantasy baseball keeper league drafted this past weekend which now kicks off our 12th season. I typically employ a 'stars and scrubs' draft strategy with a heavy if not 100% weight on picking up bats. In recent years inflation has really taken off in this league - usually we'd have one player that would crack the $50 mark but last year we had more than 6 with a similar result this year.

Here are the stars:

David Wright, 3B $52 - a relatively good value, with Arod hurt I think Wright is in a class all by himself, he's also the only other player that I think can bat .300 go 30/30 and top 100 runs and RBIs outside of Hanley Ramirez - he was my #1 pick in the NFBC Main Event

Grady Sizemore, OF $48 - I like a big outfield on my fantasy baseball team and Grady is #1, all in all I think $48 was a pretty low figure

Johan Santana, SP $45 - I paid a premium here and haven't spent more than $1 on a pitcher in 3 years - way to fall off the wagon, with Heilman out of town and the excitement of a new stadium I think The Supernatural is headed for another Cy Young - Santana was my second round pick in the NFBC Main Event - nice to reunite them and bonus that I'm a Met fan

David Ortiz, U $26 - if Ortiz played a position he'd be close to a $40 player, he's past his prime but over last year's injury and one of my favorite buy low candidates this season - I still see a .300 BA, 30-35 HRs and a ton of runs and RBI

Carlos Lee, OF $38 - El Caballo was my first round pick in my NFBC satellite league a few weeks ago and rounds out a sick outfield of Braun, BJ Upton and Sizemore, Lee is a 4 category beast and chips in a few steals for style points

Victor Martinez, C/1B $13 - I already have Russell Martin but everyone was shell shocked with the big names off the board, he's actually OK as my starting 1B for now but I wouldn't mind flipping him for a starting pitcher - he may top out at 20 HRs but he has a nice BA and batting clean up will boost his counting stats

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