Sunday, March 22, 2009

NFBC Main Event Draft Results, Part 1 of 3

The NFBC Main Event was yesterday and this was my third year drafting out of New York. Although I've been doing fantasy baseball since the mid-90s I feel like I finally have enough experience to be competitive in a high-stakes format like the NFBC.

With the third pick in New York League #6 I spent well over a week agonizing over whether to take David Wright or Jose Reyes with my first draft pick. Ultimately I decided that if I had the choice I'd go with Wright due to his balanced fantasy production. The real surprise came in drafting Johan Santana and Tim Lincecum in rounds 2 and 3 - I just couldn't say 'no', but building an offense became a great adventure!

1) David Wright, 3B - Aside from Hanley Ramirez I think Wright is the only player with 300, 30/30, 100/100 potential - not sure where the steals went last year but even something in the teens makes David Wright first pick worthy

2) Johan Santana, SP - I had the Supernatural last year and he carried 4 categories, don't believe the downward trend hype, Santana is the best pitcher in fantasy baseball and a beast in the NFBC

3) Tim Lincecum, SP - wanted McCann in this spot but he was picked right before me, I believe in the Freak and I believe I just locked up 4 of the 5 pitching categories

4) Joe Mauer, C - don't like the back reports but even if he missed a few weeks he's arguably the best catcher in fantasy baseball, the medical concerns just pushed his asking price down

5) Adam Dunn, OF - I swore off of Dunn and his killer batting average but with 2 starting pitchers and a closer on the horizon I need some big numbers from somewhere - he's a stud in 3 categories

6) Joakim Soria, RP - trending toward elite, very economical pick and compliments my hammer of god rotation

7) Chipper Jones, 3B - I've never liked Chipper because of the injuries, but I need to think creative to make an offense, at pick 3 round 7 he fell 2 full rounds based on the ADPs

8) Andre Ethier, OF - I picked up about a round of value here too, high BA, 20+ HRs, couple steals and 180ish Runs+RBIs make this a nice pick up

9) Willy Taveras, OF - I still can't figure out why Taveras isn't valued more, he could steal 60 bases and put away one category by himself, a case could be made for him as a top 5 round pick

10) Frank Fancisco, RP - looked great closing for Texas last year and CJ Wilson is having more arm problems so the job looks safe, could put up great peripherals

NFBC Main Event Draft Results, Part 2 of 3
NFBC Main Event Draft Results, Part 3 of 3

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