Sunday, March 22, 2009

NFBC Main Event Draft Results, Part 3 of 3

Fill one hole in fantasy baseball and dig another - or so goes it in the NFBC. The talent pool drains quickly and while I scrambled in the middle rounds to build an offense I now need to dig even deeper to build a rotation that will complement my Santana/Lincecum combo.

21) Dave Bush, SP - sabermetrcians love him, I'll give him one more chance, he should at least be a decent spot starter

22) Jesse Litsch, SP - nice up and coming starter with the Jays, not a great K rate but more importantly to me he has great command and a low WHIP

23) Kelvim Escobar, SP - out for a month or two but Escobar is way ahead of schedule in rehabbing his shoulder, if he can come back by June and be even close to what he was in 2006 he'll be my #3 starter

24) Travis Ishikawa, 1B - I'm big on this guy and desperate for a first baseman so this was a perfect pick, should have decent BA with 20 HRs and 5 or so SBs

25) Kyle Lohse, SP - he fell just about 3 rounds, I like him a lot as a spot starter if not a full time wire to wire guy - stellar pick up this late

26) Matt Joyce, OF - been hurt all spring but I needed some OF depth and a little pop, looks like he could put up Pat Burrell type numbers and I can wait a month or two and see if he delivers

27) Jamie Moyer, SP - may only be in my lineup 10 times this year but worth starting when he gets 2 in a week - especially if one is on the road

28) Dallas McPherson, 3B - has a shot at starting, could do Adam Dunn at third base, huge upside pick

29) Eugenio Velez, 2B/OF - Velez qualifies in OF and at 2B and has legit 40+ stolen base potential, even in a utility role he'll be a nice fill in when guys (Weeks, Bradley, Chipper) start hitting the DL

30) Cha Seung Baek, SP - great home park and good control, much like Moyer, Baek may only be out there 10 times this year, may also get cut by May

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ericpalmer said...

I like the Dave Bush pick. I think he'll be very solid this year.