Saturday, March 14, 2009

NFBC Satellite Draft Results, Part 2 of 3

The middle rounds are where NFBC style fantasy baseball leagues are won and lost. It's important to snag a few upside plays but getting steady proven production with every pick is critical.

11) Rickie Weeks, 2B - there are lots of reasons why this backfires but I think this is his year, note how the Pedroia/Mauer picks make Weeks BA bearable

12) Mike Jacobs, 1B - getting a little hype but still not sure why he isn't a top 10 pick, 35+ HRs look real doable

13) Gil Meche, SP - has put together 2 solid carbon copy seasons in KC, light for a #2 but the skills are real

14) Mike Cameron, OF - another low BA guy with nice HR and SB #s, he should combine for 40

15) Mark Buerle, SP - K rate bounced up again last season, a resurgence is possible

16) Mike Pelfrey, SP - although I'm a Mets fan I don't love Pelfrey (yet), but I needed to just start adding a bodies that qualify as starting pitchers

17) Nick Swisher, OF/1B - again, only possible because of Pedroia/Mauer earlier, love him to bounce back, dual position eligibility is gravy

18) Paul Maholm, SP - pulse and starting pitcher gig, welcome aboard

19) Bronson Arroyo, SP - I think he's a little under valued, could bounce back nicely

20) Dave Bush, SP - been a sabermetric fav for years, might play out in reality this baseball season, should have really low WHIP

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