Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hanley Ramirez Number 1 Fantasy Baseball Pick in 2009

Calling Hanley Ramirez the number 1 fantasy baseball pick in 2009 doesn't take a genius. Winning an online debate against the rest of the field is a little more difficult.

The Great Fantasy Debate kicked off this week with a little spring trainingesque exercise - as the 'home' team in the head to head blogging competition I have pro - meaning prove Hanley deserves to be #1. My competition Robert has the unpleasant duty of going con - however he does have more votes than me.

Among the reasons I cited include that Hanley Ramirez just turned 25, is moving to third in the order, statistically speaking was the most valuable fantasy baseball player last year, and gained 24 pounds of muscle in the off season.

Join the Great Fantasy Debate by clicking here! Vote for Greg and be sure to leave a comment.

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robert said...

You now have four fans. Nice blog site. After the competition I'll seek your advice to start mine.

robert said...

You now have 4 fans. Truly great blog site. I'll need your advice to eventually set up my own.