Sunday, March 29, 2009

Auction Fantasy Baseball Keeper List - Ready for 2009 Draft

Next week is the draft for my auction fantasy baseball league. It's a 10 team league and this is our 12th year with the same set of owners. Keeper lists were due this past Friday here's where my fantasy baseball team is starting out this year.

Ryan Braun, OF $17 - this is the last year I have Braun under contract so he'll run me about $50 next year. All time favorite player Ryan Braun carried me to this league's championship in 2007 so its been a nice run.

Russell Martin, C $16 - this is the last year I get to keep Martin too. 20/20 potential with a high BA and tons of ABs make Russell Martin arguably the best catcher in fantasy baseball.

BJ Upton, OF $19 - Upton's attitude really ticks me off, during the stretch run last season he got benched several times for being and a-hole. I can't deny his overall fantasy baseball production so I'm stuck with him for one more year.

Chris Davis, 1B/3B $1 - looks like legit 35+ HR power with a decent BA, the position versatility is gravy. Could turn into Ryan Braun without the steals.

Alexi Ramirez, SS/2B $1 - he'll qualify at SS by mid-April so the versatility is huge. I can't wait to see what he does over a full season, he has a shot to be a top 5 middle infielder in fantasy baseball.

We start with a $312 budget and add $20 of cap space after the draft. So this leaves me with $258 left for the auction. Undrafted players can be picked up for the cost of their auction dollar value in the Fantasy Baseball Index. Enforcing a salary cap makes our fantasy baseball league play more like an 11 and a half team league.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck in your upcoming draft. Sounds great that you've been in a stable league for 10 years.
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Robert (ducat2)