Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bad News Bears' Rudi Stein - on Just My Show

One of my all time favorite movies baseball or otherwise is the Bad News Bears. New Friend of the podcast Eric has a site called Just My Show and reached out to me when he found my original post about the Bad News Bears. Recently Eric posted a podcast of an interview he did with David Pollock aka Rudi Stein.

It's a great listen if you're a fan of the Bad News Bears. Currently David Pollock is active in local politics but most surprisingly says a lot of the Bears still keep in touch. Aside from the 'Where Are They Now' specials they have regular get togethers at each others homes - after all this time that's really cool.

Visit JustMyShow.com - The Retro Pop Culture Podcast - to listen to Eric's interview with David Pollock, Rudi Stein from the original Bad News Bears movies.

Also, Amazon.com has the Bad News Bears Triple play DVD set containing all three original films - pick up a copy today.

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