Sunday, March 22, 2009

NFBC Main Event Draft Results, Part 2 of 3

Panic might be too strong of a word but to win the NFBC (or even be competitive in a fantasy baseball league like this) I know I need to execute really well over these next 10 picks. I'm either going to burry myself or build an effective offense to compliment my Santana/Lincecum tandem.

My draft strategy was to reach for a couple of players but also maximize value by going off script when guys fall far enough.

11) Rickie Weeks, 2B - I think this could be his year to put it all together, offers upside that would make him a second round draft pick next year and even half a decent season out of Weeks is solid for the middle infield

12) Xavier Nady, OF - the "Un-Tier" was never on my radar this off season, but he fell nearly 2 rounds and should be really productive in 4 categories, with Matsui DHing for at least 2 months Nady should play every day

13) Pat Burrell, OF - he just gets no love, lock in 30 HRs with 180 Runs+RBI, plus he fell by about a round with this pick

14) Edwin Encarnacion, 3B - really didn't need another third baseman (until Chipper hits the DL), but I like Encarnacion to continue to develop, he fell over 3 full rounds so I couldn't say 'no', fills Utility

15) Ramon Hernandez, C - I'm totally on the bounce back bandwagon and think Cinci will bump his power, I see something like .270 BA with 17 HRs

16) Milton Bradley, OF - don't trust him but he fell 4 and a half rounds and should provide at least half of a sick season, right now he's on my bench but I'll have to work him in there while he's still healthy - this may have been the best value in the draft

17) Edgar Renteria, SS - he's going to bat second and score a ton of runs, helps in the other 4 categories at least a little

18) Mark Buehrle, SP - I like Buehrle as a solid innings eater that won't kill ERA or WHIP

19) Christian Guzman, SS - looks like 300 BA is for real, good enough for the 19th round

20) Paul Maholm, SP - having a nice spring and was solid last year, nice mid rotation guy for a fantasy baseball league this deep

NFBC Main Event Draft Results, Part 1 of 3
NFBC Main Event Draft Results, Part 3 of 3

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