Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Girl’s Guide to Sports – ‘Girly’ Sports Take

I friend of mine created a new site, The Girl’s Guide to Sports. The basic premise is to give female type people enough sports background info to be moderately fluent and therefore able to communicate with men (presumably husbands and boyfriends but this could clearly extend to the workplace and other areas). I think general coping skills are also discussed.

Check out her post on the baseball playoffs - Now that the MLB Playoffs Have Started, I Only Have a Few Weeks Until They’re Over….

Yeah, that’s some sass.

Pictured above is Ila Borders rearing back with a two seam heater. She’s credited with being the first woman to win a professional men’s baseball game - just an FYI that tied in.

If you’re a woman and looking to get more into sports and/or are looking for ways to get your man’s attention – check out eBay, they have women’s jersey’s for baseball and every team sport!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

T206 McCormick Stamp Found!

Back in July I received an incredible email. Ed was in search of T206 baseball cards once owned by Howe McCormick. The baseball cards have McCormick’s distinctive Gainsville Florida stamp. Check out my original post for more detail on Ed’s incredible quest.

I was excited to do a post to help Ed recreate McCormick’s T206 collection. Since this blog is part emarketing experiment I was curious to see if we could make a connection. I’m happy to announce that just last month thanks to the power of blogs, search engines and all kinds of other cool gizmos Rodrigo found me. I put him in contact with Ed and the McCormick T206 baseball card collection is one step closer to completion.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Wrap for 2008

I do 2 fantasy baseball leagues every year, the NFBC and a ‘beer’ league on Sportsline with some friends of mine, click here for my post about my auction draft and if you’d like a laugh here is Part 1 NFBC Draft Results, Part 2 NFBC Draft Results, Part 3 NFBC Draft Results, and Part 4 NFBC Draft Results. Here are the results and some highs and lows.

I came in 3rd in my Sportsline league, so I got paid a little. In a daring move I traded Tim Lincecum for Ryan Howard at the trade deadline to bump up my offense. I got swept in the first round however. My league plays best of 3 and in the championship week my breakdown was a perfect 18-0, just missed it.

I think my best pickups were Alexei Ramirez (pictured Upper Deck rookie baseball card) and Kevin Slowey. At $1 I’ll probably keep both for next year. I really think Slowey will put together more consistency and is on the verge of being a top 20 pitcher. Alexei Ramirez is older and from Cuba so he’s more of a finished product. Looks to me like a 300 BA, 20/20 middle infielder. Since he’s a little older I don’t anticipate a sophomore slump – should be a solid gold fantasy baseball player.

We came in 9th in the NFBC, but finished above average overall at 160 out of 390 teams in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship. Our pitching was dominant, top 5 out of 390 up through early September – led by Johan Santana and Brandon Webb and Brad Lidge and “Good Vibrations” Brian Wilson in the pen. Just could not string an offense together.

Josh Field was a bust. Wladimir Balentine never panned out and I thought he was a nice bet for rookie of the year. I’d keep an eye on him next year if he can cut down his Ks, but I’m not drafting him until I see something. Don’t get me started on JR Towels. One of these years we’ll put it all together and get our $100,000.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

T206 Baseball Cards with Tolstoi Backs – Auction Results 10/9/08

It's been a while since I've posted Tolstoi's. Really looks like the market may be a little soft for T206s, if not all baseball cards. Check out the Bescher SGC 80 that only went for $316 - that's an exceptional card. Back in September the Joss PSA 6.5 went for more than $1,300. A PSA 2 Cobb pushed a grand but what's new.

T206 McGraw New York HOF - Rare HiGrade Tolstoi ! PSA 6 8/10/08 $ 787
1909 T206 Tolstoi Frank Delehanty Louisville Good PSA 2 8/12/08 $ 63
1910 T206 - Jimmy Collins (Minneapolis) - Tolstoi !!
8/17/08 $ 81
T206 White Border Ty Cobb Red Portrait Tolstoi PSA 2 8/18/08 $ 998
T206 TY COBB Red Portrait VG 3 TOLSTOI Back SGC 40 8/18/08 $ 710
1909-11 Tolstoi Cigarettes T206 Davy Jones SGC 20 8/24/08 $ 27
1909-11 Tolstoi Cigarettes T206 Frank Delehanty SGC 20 8/24/08 $ 24
T206 T-206 Livingstone - Tolstoi
8/28/08 $ 49
1909 T206 "Happy" Smith Tolstoi reverse Good 2 SGC 30 8/31/08 $ 47
T206 T-206 Jap Barbeau baseball card Tolstoi back PSA 1 9/2/08 $ 30
T206 Joss HOF EX-MT+ Rare HiGrade Tolstoi back! PSA 6.5 9/7/08 $ 1,346
1909-11 Tolstoi Cigs T206 Rube Marquard SGC 60 9/8/08 $ 510
T206 T-206 HOME RUN BAKER TOLSTOI BACK SGC 40 9/14/08 $ 132
T206 Tim Jordan Brooklyn Dodgers TOLSTOI GAI 4 9/12/08 $ 61
1909-11 T206 TOLSTOI CHRISTY MATHEWSON Dark Cap SGC 40 9/10/08 $ 330
1909 - 1911 T206 Hugh Duffy Tolstoi PSA 5 9/9/08 $ 458
1909-11 Tolstoi Cigs John McGraw T206 SGC 40 9/9/08 $ 134
T-206 T206 McIntyre Blazer w Rare Tolstoi bk! SGC 60 10/5/08 $ 214
1909 T206 Strang,Baltimore-Tolstoi Back-Rare 10/2/08 $ 33
T206 T-206 Camnitz - Tolstoi Back
10/1/08 $ 20
T-206 T206 Mattern Blazer w/ Rare Tolstoi bk ! SGC 60 9/28/08 $ 280
T-206 T206 Schlei NY Blazer w Rare Tolstoi bk! SGC 60 9/28/08 $ 127
T206 Hal CHASE Throwing, Dark Cap, Tolstoi Back PSA 5 9/27/08 $ 264
T206 Pfeffer TOLSTOI Back
9/27/08 $ 23
T206 Geyer TOLSTOI Back
9/27/08 $ 22
T206 Crandall TOLSTOI Back
9/27/08 $ 27
1909-11 T206 Tim Jordan Batting Tolstoi PSA 4 9/25/08 $ 68
1909-11 TOLSTOI CIGARETTES T206 BOB BESCHER SGC 80 9/25/08 $ 316
1909-11 TOLSTOI CIGARETTES T206 JACK HAYDEN SGC 60 9/25/08 $ 203
T206 FRANK CHANCE (Portrait) Chicago Nat’l TOLSTOI 9/20/08 $ 90

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Longoria and Rays Continue World Series Push

After winning the American League East with 97 wins the Tampa Bay Rays continue their push to their first World Series. I think I’m the only person in New Jersey that has a Carl Crawford Devil Rays Jersey (that’s right, not ‘Rays’, old school ‘Devil Rays’ circa 2007) which is going to get a lot of wear over the next several weeks.

I’ve been making a living off of the Rays in fantasy baseball for 3-4 years now. Carl Crawford has been a centerpiece of several of my fantasy teams and guys like BJ Upton, Shields, Sonnanstine, and Kazmir have all been on my teams. Bummed out that I missed out on Evan Longoria but loved his two home runs last night.

Some think the Rays are a fluke but they have the starting pitching and a fairly deep bullpen. The general theory in baseball is that good pitching beats good hitting and I think they have the best staff in the playoffs. I also like the speed that Crawford and Upton bring to the game – very disruptive for the opposition. Baseball’s ‘surprise team’ looks more like a favorite to me. We’ll see how it plays out but I’m stoked for some of my fantasy baseball mainstays to have a chance at a big ‘reality’ World Series win!

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

T206 Drum Wrappers Show Up on eBay

While not confirmed if T206 baseball cards where distributed in these Drum cigarette wrappers I couldn’t help but check them out on eBay. I have no clue what these might fetch but for a tobacco era baseball card collector like T206s or T205s these seem like a great complimentary piece of accent memorabilia.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Final Home Run Baseball at Shea – Beltran’s Ball Snagged by Zack

Found this article today about Zack Hample, The Baseball Collector, and it reminded me of my buddy Chris – The Ultimate Baseball Collector. Not only did Zack get the final home run ball at Shea (courtesy of Carlos Beltran) but he caught 2 other historic baseballs last week at Yankee Stadium.

Zack is open about his baseball shagging techniques – get a seat in the picnic area, watch batting practice, etc. I’m inclined to believe he has real instincts for how to position himself and move toward the ball. Just a guess but he’s probably pretty aggressive too.

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