Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bloop Single Celebrates 100th Post About “Baseball Card and Fantasy Baseball Nonsense”

In self-congratulatory fashion I’ve decided to celebrate Bloop Single’s 100th post about baseball nonsense with a series of special posts. I know 100 isn’t the biggest number on earth but given the way blogs come and go this likely puts Bloop Single in the upper 1%.

Part of my original goal was part emarketing experiment which includes studying how people network and build relationships through social media. In that vein I’ve decided to highlight and thank 4 people that I’ve connected with through social media. I’m not sure if any of us have much in common other than the passion we share for baseball.

The Stat Head
John Burnson of the weekly fantasy baseball magazine Heather and Graphical Player. I’m a big believer in the publications that John and team are growing and blog about their fantasy baseball insights regularly. Read for yourself at

The Collector
Chris The Extreme Baseball Collector is a rising star in his young career as he approaches his 200th baseball. He reminds me of a version of me, circa 1980s. Be sure to checkout his blog at

The Gambler
Out of the blue Kev Hute started sending me baseball related emails, by the 4th or 5th one I started reading them, a few more later and I started syndicating them on my blog. If you want baseball insights for short term investments be sure to checkout Odds Unraveled,

The Treasure Hunter
Ed reached out to me for assistance with his quest, to recreate a set of T206 baseball cards collected by Howe McCormick in Gainesville nearly 100 years ago. Be sure to look for Howe McCormick’s stamp on the back of your T206s and let us know if you have any. Check out Ed’s quest for T206 baseball cards at Bloop Single.

Check back as the 100th Bloop Single post celebration rolls on with “Best of the 1st 100” and “Worst of the 1st 100”.

100th Plug – Buy vintage baseball cards on eBay!

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My new blog name title is: The Baseball Collector - Chris Los and I have a new link which is below. Check it out when you get a chance.

The Baseball Collector