Friday, July 25, 2008

Francisco Rodriguez Headed for Save Record According to Heater Fantasy Baseball Magazine

Francisco Rodriguez (pictured Topps 2007 Turkey Red baseball card) is the quickest baseball player to 40 saves in the history of baseball. This shatters John Smoltz record by 16 games and poises K-Rod to capture the all-time single season save record of 57 held by the White Sox Bobby Thigpen.

According to fantasy baseball magazine, Heater, K-Rod has a great shot. At his present pace Rodriguez needs to stay on pace for 46 saves for the remainder of the season. After analyzing some recent work by David Pinto, David Gassko of Heater believes the conditions are excellent for K-Rod to remain on pace.

2 key factors have Rodriguez sitting pretty. First, the Angles have a .600 winning percentage. Second, their 2.6 run margin of victory is the lowest in baseball. Both factors indicate that K-Rod has a better than 50/50 chance to become baseball’s all-time single season saves record – just in time for arbitration too! Look for K-Rod to get seriously paid in the off season.

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Greg! Check the email that I sent you. There is a photo of the Ichiro signed baseball in it.