Thursday, July 17, 2008

Josh Hamilton’s Breakout Season – What About Next Baseball Season?

The Josh Hamilton Story is a Hollywood movie waiting to happen (pictured Topps 1999 Traded rookie baseball card). The former #1 overall pick has come a long way back from heroin addiction. After being picked up off the scrap heap by the Reds last year Hamilton played great in the outfield and not only showed a lively bat but excellent plate discipline for a guy so far removed from baseball. An off season trade with the Texas Rangers for Edinson Volquez seems to have worked miracles for both teams – a potential Cy Young for MVP swap.

After a first half where he flirted with 100 RBIs and a showcase performance at the home run derby on Monday it seems he has little left to prove. If you picked him up in any fantasy baseball format there’s no doubt he’s the best value on your team. But what about next year???

My general take on Josh Hamilton is this – yes, he is this good. Not only was he a #1 overall pick but he was a great #1 overall pick. He’s also in his prime at 27. If we skip the drama and project out the big league performance of a #1 pick with his projectabilty about 10 years later then this is kind of what they thought Hamilton would be. I am concerned by the fact that he misses the end of last season with a hamstring injury and due to his being out of the public eye for so long it’s tough to gauge his durability. He also plays center field which can take its toll on the body – see Griffey Jr., Ken.

Bottom line from a fantasy baseball perspective is that I think he could be traded for the world this off season in keeper leagues and might be over priced heading into next year. Yes, he’s the real deal but for the right offer I think Josh Hamilton is a great sell high opportunity.

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