Friday, July 4, 2008

Museum Glass Test for Baseball Card Display Case Update – 27 Hours

The field test of Tru Vue’s Museum Glass is now 27 hours deep and I can visually see significant discoloration of the yellow ink on the comic book. The reds and blues are also starting to fade including the baseball card but they aren’t as obvious as the yellow. In the picture the left is unprotected and the right side is covered with Tru Vue’s glare and UV reducing Museum Glass.

I’ve been doing research for my new wiki, Safe at Home, that will hopefully cover a lot of ground as far as the safest ways to protect and display baseball cards. I’m up to my ears in information and data on UV rays, luxes, lums, yada, yada, yada and their impact on the discoloration and fading of ink and paper. I should be able to tie back in some rough data from that research into this field test. I hope to be able to say that over the x number of hours of exposure, the comic book and baseball card in the test were exposed to y number of luxes, which is equivalent to z number of hours of indirect sunlight in a home display.

Launch of the Museum Glass Field Test

First Update of the Museum Glass Field Test – Paper Discoloration

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