Thursday, July 10, 2008

Worst of the 1st 100 Posts About Baseball Nonsense by Bloop Single

Like most people in most endeavors we have good days and bad days. Sometimes I rush to the laptop just to get a post out, sometimes I have a really good idea and it tanks. Here are the 5 (some would argue about 90 short) worst baseball related posts out of Bloop Single’s 1st 100.

1) Q&A on Bond's home run ball
I got this off of Yahoo! Answers and just repurposed it, Lay-Z! It’s about Bonds and I didn’t even take the time to use all caps in the title. I think that qualifies as 3 strikes.

2) Topps Sterling 2007 – Ultra Premium Baseball Cards
This is a really cool set but after researching it for a half hour I realized I was a little out of my league due to the complexity of this set of baseball cards. I threw up what I had and moved on – it shows.

3) Daisuke Matsuzaka Allen and Ginter Rookie Card from Topps
This is one of Bloop Single’s first posts, I was just scrounging for stuff to write about. Love the Allen and Ginter set but I clearly didn’t have “my voice” yet (still might not).

4) Carl Crawford Autographed Fleer Patchworks Cards – I Want Them!
I kind of dogged this one even though I’m really passionate about these autographed baseball cards of Crawford. Carl Crawford deserves better representation than this in the blogosphere.

5) Braves Rookie Pitcher Charlie Morton has Plenty of Fantasy Baseball Upside
With all due respect to Charlie Morton, he stinks. His minor league numbers were awesome this year and I was hoping for lightning in a bottle. Now that I’ve dumped him in both of my fantasy baseball leagues he’s a lock to turn it around.

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