Thursday, July 3, 2008

Silica Gel Packs for Baseball Card Storage

I’ve been doing a lot of research for the Wiki that I’m working on, Safe at Home, about baseball card display and storage. I came across Art Preservation Services which is a consulting firm that specializes in museum displays. They have some silica gel products so I continued to do some research to find something for baseball cards. They help to regulate the humidity in storage and display areas by absorbing moisture and in dry conditions releasing some. This helps to reduce mold and mildew.

I found a ton of options on eBay and settled on the one shown in the picture. It’s 4”x2”x1/2” so it will fit in storage boxes although I’m not sure there will be room in the baseball card display case when I’m done with that. I purchased two of these for the airtight storage boxes where I keep my baseball card collection.

Get silica gel packs on eBay to help protect your baseball card collection!

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