Saturday, July 5, 2008

Topps Sterling 2007 – Ultra Premium Baseball Cards

I came across Topps Sterling cards last year and was blown away at these ultra premium baseball cards. Some cards are finished in white suede and even cherry wood. Even the solid cherry boxes feature individual players and are collectable in their own right.

Rickey Henderson, Ted Williams, Josh Gibson and Cal Ripken Jr. are just some of the hall of fame players represented in the set. Pictured is a white suede parallel of Ted Williams number to 50. Topps Sterling 2007 cards are also loaded with autographs and game used memorabilia.

Boxes of 10 go for as much as $300 each so save your pennies for these ultra rare cards. Due to all of the parallels the Topps 2007 Sterling baseball cards make for an exceedingly complex set. If you have a favorite player you might want to hit eBay and buy a single but I think it would also be a blast to buy a box of these cards to see what treasures you can find.

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