Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Heater Fantasy Baseball Magazine Say Sabathia Boost Brewers Playoff Chances by 50%

Heater Fantasy Baseball Magazine broke down the trade between the Indians and Brewers of C.C. Sabathia for 3 prospects including the elite Matt LaPorta. They turned to two different sources for their analysis. Baseball Prospectus says Sabathia’s incremental wins bump the Brewers from a 50% chance of making the playoffs to a 75% chance for this year an increase of 50%. However after consulting PECOTA projects you shouldn’t declare the Brewers to be the big winner. With some extra math Heater determined that the Indian’s acquisitions will add .4 playoff appearances over the next several years. Bottom line, this looks like a win/win with one team playing for now and one team planning for the future.

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