Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Trade Wrap for My 10 Team League

The trade deadline passed in my 10 team fantasy baseball league and it’s time to star gearing up for the playoffs. I made 4 trades throughout the year with a consistent aim to ship pitching to upgrade my bats. This league also enforces a salary cap throughout the season which impacts trade values. Here’s the recap:

Hunter Pence $1 and Cole Hamels $12 for Russell Martin $6

Edinson Volquez $2 and Ryan Theriot $10 for Michael Young $17

Eric Gangne $1 and Johnny Cueto $1 for John Maine $1

and the blockbuster deal at the trade deadline!!!!

Tim Lincecum $14, Chris B Young $24 and Jeff Clement $5 for Ryan Howard $26

I think the last deal will really put my team over the top. I’ve basically clinched a playoff spot so I’ve got a few weeks to figure out life without my ace Tim Lincecum. Howard (pictured 2001 Upper Deck Prospects baseball card) adds a ton of pop and basically replaces Chris B Young in my lineup.

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